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#17558 Unit Lost Film Poster Competition - April 2014

Posted by Riskit4ABizkit on 04 April 2014 - 11:16 PM



Let's get the ball rolling shall we...




The picture is 700x1000, let me know if its too big.

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#18601 Unit Lost Competition - Box Art for "Unit Lost - The Game" - June 2014

Posted by MarsBar on 04 June 2014 - 01:27 AM

I've keep meaning to get in on one of these competitions, been busy with exams and stuff.

Anyway, here's sty blowing his brains out, enjoy! :D




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#18570 Unit Lost Competition - Box Art for "Unit Lost - The Game" - June 2014

Posted by Afferbeck on 03 June 2014 - 08:42 AM

Getting in early and setting the tone. Step your game up guys!




Here's the massive version before I resized it for here, if you wanted a huge version of this for some reason http://i.imgur.com/m5SHJBj.jpg

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#18021 Unit Lost Competition - Sty's Crazy Faces - May 2014

Posted by Shadalz on 04 May 2014 - 03:25 PM



Censored to keep Sty's dignity :P

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#19743 Stylosa Technical Info

Posted by Marcan on 05 August 2014 - 11:00 PM

Fortunately for all of those who want to build your own at home, I have come by some technical information on the 4th gen 'Stylosa' entertainment robot developed by Polaris industries and showcased on the companies 'UnitLost' youtube channel. While the 'Stylosa' has experienced relative success and cobbled together a sizeable following, an over-reliance on high-end teas as a fuel source has reduced its commercial viability, even though it has not replaced Polaris' ageing 'TotalBiscuit' monolith it has achieved cult status amongst private collectors.


Earlier models' hair had a visible cabbage tint caused by the manufacturing process, this has been rectified in more recent models.


If you think making the 'Stylosa' is above your technical ability, I would recommend practising by making a 'Kirioth' which is a lower spec, 2nd gen model which can be made with yoghurt pots, a few lollipop sticks and a gimp mask. but various software bugs can (not infrequently) cause the 'Kirioth' to spiral out of control in an unstoppable rage loop so advance with caution. Also note the 'Kirioth' can run on a wide range of more conventional ethanol-based fuels.


Anyway I hope this has shed some light on some of the finer construction details and I wish you luck on constructing your own entertainment robot.

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#24149 [Cities: Skylines] Cities, planning & sharing

Posted by Afferbeck on 12 April 2015 - 05:37 PM


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#19587 My Depression and how the UnitLost community helped.

Posted by TheKhzar on 30 July 2014 - 09:19 PM

So this is going to be a fairly personal post and quite long, so bear these things in mind. I am posting this not because i think people have to know this about me, but because of the awesome positive influence Unitlost and the community it has formed has had.


Close to two years ago i was, for want of a better word, rescued by my mother from where i was living. Earlier in that year I had completely stopped going to uni, pretty much stopped leaving the flat, barely found a reason to get out of bed and basically stopped functioning as a person. I literally hadn't spoken to my mum in so long she drove 4 hours to make sure i was OK, and upon discovering i wasn't, insisted on taking me home. This started my journey to recovery and upon going to the doctors i was surprised to find i had been suffering from depression, and had been for most of my teen-aged life. Over the next year and and a half I went to therapy, had relapses and was eventually put on anti-depressants, which marked a major turning point in my life. These little white pills finally gave me some balance and i could start addressing the problems i had, which i won't go into now.


During my time back at home i discovered live-streaming, as it hadn't really been on my radar before then, and with it, Unitlost. These guys, who are so full of energy whenever I'd seen them and very open and honest about what I had thought of as fairly personal issues, really made become more comfortable with what i was going through, as well as making me feel a bit more normal. It made me realise that most of us do have problems whether with physical or mental health, school, home or work, and it really made me a bit more relaxed about what i had thought of as a label that would haunt me for most my life. Sty's ability to discuss his crohns, in detail i might add, as well as how it had affected him really hit me hard. Then Kiri posted his own battle with depression and what he goes through daily because of it really helped put things in perspective. Even if it wasn't face to face it fells like i'm getting advice and discussion from people sitting just across from me, who can not only sympathise but offer real and helpful advice.


SO firstly to Sty and Kiri, you guys are amazing, and the work you do with Unitlost, as well as being so open and honest about your own problems has really helped me get to terms with my own. Your drive and energy has shown me that there is light and that things may feel shit but enjoying life is so important when it does feel that way.


Now onto thanking the majority, the community, the cabbage crew of beautiful bastards that are out there. This community is honestly one of the best i have ever seen. Not only can you joke around, give each other playful teasing and just generally being fun to hang out with, you can offer serious and honest advice, drawing on your own experience and discussing your own health issues with other, not to make people give you sympathy, but to raise important issues, inform people about serious stuff and really just trying to make others feel that they aren't as alone as they think they are. We may be a sickly bunch of people, but we stick together, and give everyone a place to go to to relax and feel like they are in good company. You the community are why Unitlost is an amazing place. Sty and Kiri built it, but you have made it come alive and i haven't yet met a bunch of people as awesome as you.


Lastly i just want to say thank you again to everyone. To Sty and Kiri and to the rest of the cabbage crew at large, you have made me feel welcome. You invited me to play games with you when you barely knew me. You forgive me when i say something truly daft, although not without gentle teasing, and you just generally made my time here awesome. This group of people, brought together from the love of tea and gaming, has helped me in ways i never thought possible and i just hope others out there can join and feel this way too.


So guys, to Unitlost, the single greatest bunch of cabbages out there, may we forever bask in the glow.

Thank you for reading.




Post Edit: Just adding something i forgot to mention. In the live-stream that sparked this for me a very good point was raised by jamie. Registering for the organ donation list is really important and i'm as guilty as anyone else for not having done this yet, which is something i will remedy. I'd just say have a think about it yourselves aswell since it is a very big deal for some people.

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#18968 Unit Lost Competition - Box Art for "Unit Lost - The Game" - June 2014

Posted by Afferbeck on 21 June 2014 - 10:58 AM


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#27234 Just.. ahem.. drop these here.

Posted by SacrilegiousSausage on 03 November 2015 - 12:54 AM


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#25495 Tabletop wargaming and 40k and fantasy discussion

Posted by Prisoner_of_war on 10 June 2015 - 09:05 PM

Hello people,


Some of you may of seen the Model I have put loads of worth into for Unit Lost. I hope you all love it as much as I do!


I am a low end Grot that would love to support Unit Lost more but I have no teeth left to trade, this is what I came up with for now and hope to see it in the hands of Sty or Kiri some day.


For Stylosa and Kirioth for all the great entertaining you-tube videos and hours of streaming. Many thanks.



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#24369 [Total War: Warhammer]

Posted by Murray on 23 April 2015 - 10:35 AM


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#23585 ROZZERS

Posted by Jamescax on 16 March 2015 - 07:40 PM

Inspired by the most recent Cities: Skylines video.





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#19387 I'll just leave this here.

Posted by Jamescax on 18 July 2014 - 09:34 PM

Lord of the Tea: Return of the Winner







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#18630 Unit Lost Competition - Box Art for "Unit Lost - The Game" - June 2014

Posted by Kallenar on 04 June 2014 - 08:23 PM

Feel free to piss yourself laughing at my 1337 image editing skills!



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#18517 4K Monitors are they worth it ?

Posted by lordvimto on 30 May 2014 - 01:18 PM




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#18355 Where the fuck is Kirioth?

Posted by Kirioth on 22 May 2014 - 02:39 PM

Hey guys!


Thought I'd throw out a little update on my situation! I'm much better than I was. I've received a lot support from friends and family, I'm undergoing therapy, and my medication is helping a lot. I'm not 100% yet, and I doubt I will be for quite some time, but I'm feeling a lot better and I'm way more functional all round. I'm still having issues, but I'm getting there.


I'm definitely back, I'm definitely enjoying making content again, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the forums and talking with you guys again!

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#17591 Unit Lost Film Poster Competition - April 2014

Posted by Afferbeck on 08 April 2014 - 06:45 AM


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#17110 Where the fuck is Kirioth?

Posted by Kirioth on 17 March 2014 - 09:37 PM

Thanks for all the kind words guys... I really wasn't sure how much to share, whether it was the right thing to do, but I've been totally blown away by your responses. Thank you for supporting me at the moment. It's giving me a little boost that I need right now.

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#21437 Totalbiscuit VS Matt Lee's

Posted by Stylosa on 20 November 2014 - 01:56 PM

GamersGate is a load of shit. The people commenting on the whole situation are mostly doing so to further their own goals. 


I stay away from it all. Sure it would be easy views for the channel if we started commenting on the fiasco and putting our own thoughts forward in such a manner as to goad responses out of bigger voices. But no, I made the decision early on to keep well away from it.

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#18619 Unit Lost Competition - Box Art for "Unit Lost - The Game" - June 2014

Posted by Mr. Rawke on 04 June 2014 - 03:38 PM

Welp, here goes nothing but an unreasonable amount of time that I spent on this... B6TX5hG.jpg

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