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Firewall Issue Denying Team Chat Connection

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 08:18 PM

I posted this on another few forums around but no one really knows.


But, the main issue is, whenever I connect to the Team or Group chats in the majority of games, mainly OverWatch I notice it in a lot, nine times outta ten It will say "Joined team chat - Push ` to talk. 0 players in channel. Press P to access channels."


At first I thought it was just that no body was in team chat. But I would go to the channel page, disconnect, and it would say 3-5 players in chat, then I'd reconnect and it would still say there is 0.


I would tell my team that is in the team chat through typing and they say that I joined and then immediately left team chat. Even though I never left it.


I looked it up and most say it's a firewall issue and to make paths for it. So, I made the paths but it still only works like five percent of the time.


I don't know if it's actually a Firewall issue, or OverWatch, or what. But I would really like to join the team chat.


The computer, or laptop I should say. that I use is a Microsoft Surface Book. I don't know if that will help at all.

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