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A suggestion for the community I thought of because one of Sty's most recent vids

Overwatch Toxicity Community

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Posted 27 October 2017 - 07:12 PM

I have heard suggested by youtube personalities that represent our community online a possible way Blizzard could help fix the toxicity in the matchmaking system and these suggestions span from a team queue to a guild system to be more able to build 6 stacks and to this I say Why not take it one step further and remove Blizzard from the equation.

I don't know about the rest of you but when I was a kid, I participated in "Little" league baseball because my parents wanted me to participate in a team-based activity to build social skills while I was young, Well I want to suggest a way detailing the process of who we as a community could establish a minor league, as when you think about it compared to the pros we are just kids in the backyard playing this game.

Announce on a large platform (A popular Overwatch YouTube channel) That we are creating the minor league for overwatch, something beyond the confines of Competitive that may or may not become the place scouts look for the major league teams. We need

Establish how long a Season would be, seasons would determine how long a team would be guaranteed to be together. The reason you don't want to just be stuck with the same team indefinitely or to have a trading system at this lower tier of the game is because of the chance that players may get better as the season goes on and next season perhaps they are picked up from a gold team to play with the diamond players but you need stability during the season so that people will get their chance to play.

A number of people willing to confine themselves as being JUST A COACH of a team. and Enough willing players who have the ability to much more often than not guarantee their participation in game day activities. with competitive ranking as a determining factor for even further splitting the league into properly matched sections.

Once a list of coaches and players has been compiled we have tryouts. A series of games are played over the course of an unknown amount of time, that is dependant on the number of players. after which "Straws are drawn" (an impartial system is used to see which coach goes first), and following that order, coaches fill their teams with the players available based on what they saw during tryouts hopefully with enough players to have alternates, and because this is "little league" the ability to switches players out between maps, so a really good widow can be subbed in for the soldier player on Junkertown or King's Row.

Once teams are assembled a schedule is constructed that over the course of a single season puts every team against every other team at least twice.

It is then on the teams and their coaches to choose when to practice, how to practice, whether or not to scrimmage other teams and ensure that they show up for their games on scheduled days at scheduled times.

and when the season ends the team with the most victories, breaking ties by who has the fewest maps lost, you determine the places 1st through last, and wish everyone better luck next season, at which point you decide when the next season will start and how long it will run announcing it on a large platform (A popular Overwatch YouTube channel).

As hinted at with enough participation we could establish multiple leagues, ranging from bronze to Grandmasters. In the same way, you wouldn't put a 10-year-old team against an 18-year-old team.

That is how you build a minor or "Little" league not asking for Blizzard's help.

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